Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under Pressure

I'm embarking on a new journey this week.

It's incredibly scary to me . . .

And it requires 11 friends to do it with.

In finding 11 crazy wonderful people to join me

I inadvertantly traded Pressure for Encouragement.

Stress bucket that I am, feels bad my words were poorly chosen.


What I meant to convey was:

I think you can do this

And this journey will be rewarding.

I would like you to join me.

But trust yourself to tell me no if you can't do it.


I had no idea that the line between pressure and encouragement could be crossed so easily.

Have you ever found this line to be delicate?


Sherry said...

Uhhh....more details pleeeeeeeeeease. If it's too go off dc AGAIN then I'm out!

The Wright's said...

I am in! Is that bad that I agree to something without knowing what it is? Does this require me to get my fat booty off the couch becauset that could be a problem. Bring in the crane!!! Seriously, I am in if I can be. Fill me in on the details when you get a chance.

Jaime said...

I hope you aren't talking about schnooze and schnauze. If they felt pressure from anyone, it was from me...not you.

That aside, I agree the line is hazy between the two. I'm sure I've crossed it many times.