Tuesday, July 28, 2009


While sitting through Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, Emma entertained me immensely!


Emma: "Mommy, does Jesus live in there?" (Pointing at the A/C vent)

Me: "No, Jesus lives in heaven."

Emma: "Mommy, is heaven in there?" (Pointing at the A/C vent again)


Emma: "Mom, do you have wings?" (Flipping my sagging tricep - aka Relief Society arm)

Me: "No!"

Emma: "Can you fly with your wings?"

Me: "Stop touching me!"


The funniest part of the day was driving my boys up to spend the night at my parent's house. On the way home, Emma was being persnickety about her little girlfriends.

I made a comment about being nice to them that she didn't like.

Emma: "I'm gonna call the cops on you!"

Me: "I'll do it for you"

I flipped open my phone and 'dialed' the police and reported my bad behavior. Emma starts throwing a fit that I've reported myself to the police.

I cruise off the freeway at our exit only to find a HUGE accident. Police by the dozen with lights swirling are WAITING to TAKE ME AWAY!

Emma FREAKS! at this point because now I'm going to jail with the cops.

Oh, the joy of mentally torturing your child!

She won't be wanting to report me to the cops again . . .


Em said...

You crack me up! The great thing is - you are this much fun in person, too!

kimpg3 said...

Thanks for the morning laugh...I am so blessed to know both you and Emma! Love you both!

tammy said...

Ha ha! Why is it so fun to do that? Parental torture.....it's our only real weapon.

Leslie said...

That "teaching moment" could not have unfolded any better had you planned it!! Emma is so the funniest. Boy do I wish the wings were good for something...

Peggy said...

Wendy, you're awesome.

Kim said...

Hmmmm . . . I may have to report this.


Mel said...

I'm pretty sure that anytime she sees the cops now, she'll freak! I couldn't believe how perfect the timing was on this one...