Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom of the Press

After starting my July 4th Holiday with a browse of my favorite MSNBC website I came to realize just how much freedom of the press means to me.

I can't imagine that if I lived in any other country there would be so many 'intriguing' stories to be read in the news.

For instance:

1. Students get X-rated surprise in class DVD

In this story a teacher made an end-of-school-year video for each of students. Unfortunately, she forgot to remove a clip of her having sex. What an education each student got! Melanie, I put this in here for you. Aren't you glad you didn't make a video for each of your students this year?

2. Police: Arizona woman led sons on crime spree

Here you can read all about how to get your house payment and car payments made
by driving the get-away car for your pre-teen boys. I can imagine what
these boy's chore charts look like: Monday - Rob a Bank / Tuesday - Steal
Cell Phone / Wednesday - Take Candy From a Baby.

3. Dognapper Demands Sex

This is just WRONG for so many reasons. Maybe the thing that bothered me
most . .. the dog's clothes!

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4. Father Says He Shot Sons for Refusing Chores

Let's just say that each of my boys have been made aware of these new
consequences for not doing chores. Also, I noted that maybe my 20+ year
old children should MOVE OUT!

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Ah . . . Freedom of the Press. It's just one more beautiful part of this holiday!


Kr!sty said...

OMGosh! This is maybe a new reason for me read news. I typically stay away from the news, just because of all the negativity. I guess I was just looking at it through the wrong perspective...humor, my new eyes!

Mel said...

Oh man...1st: Not such a good idea for that teacher's job security. 2nd: Maybe her students had driven her to insanity hence the reason for NOT PREVIEWING it before giving it to them! I feel like this might be the students' fault... ;)