Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was waiting to post what my next big endeavor is going to be.

Waiting to finalize the whole big deal ~

And find 11 friends who are as equally stupid awesome as I am.

But today, I have got to post my intentions ~

Before I cut myself off the team because I'm overwhelmed.

I therefore proclaim my intention to run the Ragnar Relay!


What is a Ragnar Relay?

Imagine this: RED ROCK then VIEWS OF THE STRIP at night then more RED ROCK. You and 11 of your closest friends running relay-style day and night. Starting in the red rock oasis of VALLEY OF FIRE State Park, your team of 12 maniacs will be embarking on a 180 MILE ADVENTURE-FEST sure to fill all of your desires. The party in your van will only get better as you leap frog your way past the breathtaking views of LAKE MEAD, stunning views of the strip at night and then onto the majestic cliffs of RED ROCK CANY0N The race (and your stamina) will wrap up at Red Rock Casino in the one and only city of sin, LAS VEGAS, NV.

Most days this sounds like TERRIFIC fun -- but after miserable running experiences this week, I'm ready to find my own replacement.


Sherry said...

Boooo YA! You'll do great. Good Luck!

tammy said...

What the kj$%^8j*%^?!!!
You people are crazy!
I love you still!

Em said...

It will be a Herculean acheivement! You can do it - you are great at mastering the impossible!

Piglet de' Erin said...

I agree with Tammy


That is so crazy, nuts, wild, bizarre...and so much more...but sooooooo cool. I am jealous, but then also glad it's not me.

I hope you strap a camera to your bra and take awesome shots.

kellieanne said...

I'm in.

kellieanne said...

Carp says we need to get our radio license so we can communicate while we are out there. I thought you would love that comment.