Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hearts & Stars

Better photos will come, but it's late at night and my quilt is FINALLY finished.

It's not my favorite.

In fact, I've hated it and swore at it . . . repeatedly.

But now that it's done

I tolerate it

Maybe even like it.

Which one of my 5 quilting projects shall I finish next?
Yes, 5 is NOT the actual number of unfinished projects,
but let's not go there.


tammy said...

Hmmm......maybe that's what I should do. Just keep saying I have 5 unfinished projects until I actually only have 5 unfinished projects. See Wendy? That's why you are everything to me! And I think you should LOVE this quilt! It's beautiful!

class said...

I think if you really dislike it that much I have a room it would look great in! I love it! Good job on finishing.