Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm agonizing over the necessary writing of a bio for myself. I have thought of a lot of torturous events that would be better than actually writing a few qualifying paragraphs about myself. I could never be in marketing, and definitely not in marketing myself.

The things I think they want to hear about me (I'm responsible, I won't ruin your program, I'm not a druggie) are not nearly as cool as the things I WANT to tell them. Stuff like:

  • I am dedicated to success: I have 5 GOLD stars (meaning 100%) on 4 songs from Guitar Hero III -- on the medium setting! Woohoo! I can play a fairly decent "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "My Name is Jonas", " Miss Murder" and "Story of My Life".

  • I am money conscious: I find complete joy in purchasing a box of Kraft Pasta Salad; normally priced $1.99 for $.29. I love the challenge of finding a good deal!

  • I am realistic: I can tell you politely and with a (huge) smile on my face when your idea to have all the kids in the city hand whittle & carve a wooden shoe is a BAD idea!

  • I am knowledgeable: I can tell you about every episode of Little House on the Prairie after only seeing the first few minutes of it. (What is it about Michael Landon getting teary-eyed that makes me cry like a freakin' baby?)

In the end, I'm going to end up with a bio that will bore some poor soul to death. Wonder if they'd like me to reference my blog on the bio just so they can see the "real" me?


Sherry said...

FINALLY....someone else who knows all about the "little house" episodes just from the title at the beginning. I say we make our own little trivia game. Ex...what was the name of Albert's calf that won at the fair. Do you know???? ya?

Wendy said...

Game On! It was Fagin. I watched an episode last night where Albert dies . . what did he put in the memory box?

Sherry said...

BRING IT ON.....girlfriend! What I remember was Albert's girlfriend SYLVIA giving him a little bag to put inside the box and LAURA giving him a little necklace type thing that they made. All the school kids joined around them in a circle and held hands. After they closed the box then Albert and Laura held hands and raised them high to the sky. Huh...Huh....what do you have to say now!

What was the name of Albert's penpal?

Davis Family said...

I'm loving your Little House knowledge trivia:) LOL! You are too much!

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Okay, Sherry -- you are some stiff competition! With all the cheezy hand holding at the end of that episode I still cried like a fool! (The girlfriend's name was Michelle in that episode as Sylvia was the girlfriend who was a victim of rape).

The penpals name was Leslie and she was a parapalegic. And they both misrepresented themselves in their letters.

Here's your trivia question (and I think it's kinda easy). What was Laura's horses name?

Sherry said...

Ooopss.....I meant Michelle. :) and HELLO.....BUNNY was the name of the horse. What was the name of the lady with the imaginary house outside the church.

Brent's trying to pack for the trek and I'm in the middle of a little house quiz. The first one who can't answer obviously loses but I think the winner should get something.

Wendy said...

Clearly this trivia is more important than packing for trek! This is practically trek-like anyway.

I'm going with Kezia for the invisible house lady . . the one with the creepy black crow that makes me think of edgar allen poe's ravens.

Question: What is Doc Baker's first name?

Sherry said...

Dang ....I thought I'd stump you for sure but you're as smart as ......Dr. HYRUM Baker.

What was the name of the hotel owner that Charles and Caroline worked for when they moved to the city?

Wendy said...

Dang You! I had to actually google this one~ It's Mr. Standish. But can I have a partial bonus point since I knew it was in Winoka?

I humbly bow to the master of Little House and request a future Little House All Nighter. . .I'll bring the diet coke and tissue.

Cuz remember the beautiful scene at this hotel after Caroline had been working so hard, and Charles sold his violin for Mary's gift, but they ended up buying it back and gave it to him after he had been beaten up so he could play a song. And Albert came for dessert and Laura made a braille card?

I'm misty-eyed and crying right now!

Three cheers for Sherry!! (You could definitely add this to your bio!)

Sherry said...

Thank you....thank you... I'm up for a little house all nighter. The only one we can't watch because I think it's the saddest one is where Mary's baby dies in the fire at the blind school. I still can't listen to that lullaby she sings to him right before it started on fire. Remember Alice Garvey was holding him on the roof and they had no way out. We can watch all but that one. You know since we've got "nuthin but time".

It's been great competing with you my friend. :) p.s. I'm up for a Guitar Hero challenge too. :)

Wendy said...

Do you know Mary's baby's name? (I can't resist one more question!)

Sherry said...

Honestly girl......I really really know my Little House.


Jeanette said...

Ok. After reading all that I think I am going to have to check out some Little House DVDs when I go to the library today. Very impressive!
I left something for you on my blog today. Check it out when you get a chance. :-)

Peony said...

Well said.