Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Officer Wendy

It's official! Today I passed my last big test and I'm an official LO (that's a Loan Officer, people).

I have proven myself worthy to use phrases like, "In Lieu of". I have proven that I can incorporate fairly lame acronyms into my vocabulary. I have proven that you can pass a test even if most of the questions have spelling errors on them (HUGE pet peeve!).

So. . . The Welcome Sign is out -- who would like to sign up for a mortgage loan?

"Anyone? Anyone?"


"There's a problem in the mortgage loan industry? No one qualifies for a loan? The housing market is in trouble?"

"Then why the @%(&! did I spend my time and money becoming a Loan Officer?"

Oh, that's right . . . . cuz I want you all to start calling me Officer Wendy!


Shauna said...

Congrats, Officer Wendy! Now that you are official, all the stars will align and you'll be swamped with business--I'm crossing my fingers for you. Good for you though, in all seriousness, to accomplish something like this! Good job!

:) Shauna

Wendi said...

Officer Wendy.
It has a nice ring to it.

Leslie said...

Officer Wendy, Wow!! I am so proud to have a friend that is so accomplished. Congratulations, I know you will be the best Officer there has ever been.

kellieanne said...

Officer Wendy. Nice ring to it.

Kim said...

Officer??? Hmm.... that doesn't leave the nicest taste in my mouth, but if you insist...

Mel said...

Officer Wendy it is! I'm curious what the new "status" will bring to future LO classes with motard teachers throughout the years!

Maybe you could do something illegal and.....
"go to prison or something like that." ;) lol


Marivic said...

This is a funny post :-) Just browsing through LDS Women blogs and found yours. Thanks for the chuckle. I'm glad I "visited". By the way, I love the "Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You" Quiz on your side bar.