Thursday, July 24, 2008

Foto Flashback

Here's a flashback to my morning, which we spent at "This Is The Place Heritage Park." It seemed an appropriate place to go considering today is Pioneer Day. (Here in Utah we celebrate the day that the first pioneers came into the valley).

The kids are punching leather in the photo above. They are doing it on some incredible granite slabs.

Ethan getting a shave at the 'local' barber

They all participated in a watermelon eating contest -- but here's a photo of Josh going at it.

All in all -- it was hot, crowded, and fun. We didn't stay for the parade where you dress up in hot pioneer clothes and pull handcarts down mainstreet. I'll leave that kind of thing to the youth in our stake who are currently pulling carts for 5 days over the same path the original pioneers did.


Lisa Anne said...

This is the holiday I miss most because it is practically non-exsistent in Arizona, although a few small towns settled by the pioneers still celebrate. How I miss it!!!

Jeanette said...

We spent Pioneer day at Kirtland. Of course we did not even realize it was Pioneer Day until after we made the plans to go but it was an appropriate place to spend the day I think.