Friday, July 11, 2008

My Gift To You . . .

I've unpacked the souveniers! And it's time for a little gift giving . . . .

To my friend Shauna:

Thank you for filling in for me while I was gone. In appreciation I give you this mighty expensive PIRATE PRINCESS BAG! There is not another "Matey" that I'd rather "Swab the Decks" with! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Diet Coke!

In addition, I am offering you my first ever "Great View Award". I'm sure this would be very coveted . . . if only people knew about it. Here it is:


Feel free to post this on your own blog, Shauna!

To My Sister-In-Law Tifany:

My thanks to you for filling in also! As a token of appreciation and in celebration of your FABULOUS personality that I have come to know and love, I give you this T-Shirt:

Tifany, you are also given my new Great View Award!! (Ah. . . see how giving I really am?) Feel free to put it somewhere on your blog too -- but remember YOU DON'T HAVE TO. I don't want this to be a gift like the kind Grandma Marie gives where you only pull it out when she comes over.


For My Friend Leslie:

I am always on the lookout for earrings for you, and I know the last pair I got you were a little large. But these were so dang cute . . .they twirl around and light up!

For My Friend Tammy:

Okay, mostly this shirt is for me to wear when I'm with you. It's a good "excuse" shirt that will alleviate all my guilty feelings. Think of all the fun things we can do now!

To My Blogging World Friend Wendi:

This little gift is something you can pull out next 4th of July when the neighbors shoot fireworks off in the middle of the night, or when a baseball player hits your kid . . . or anytime you write open letters. (Thanks for all the GREAT stories!!)

To All My Friends:

This little gift is to let you know how much I was thinking of EACH of you while I was on vacation! Please pick your favorite color and know how much I appreciate each of you!


kellieanne said...

Grumpy was always one of my favorite dwarves. You know he's a sweetie under that furry beard.

I love it Wendy! Especially the "Partly Confused" thought. I can totally relate.

Wendi said...

I hardly know what to say.
Thank you.
I have never been awarded a grumpy tee-shirt before.
You. are. so. thoughtful.
Really, you shouldn't have.

Your guest posters did a fabulous job.
You have great friends.
I love your Great View award...Congrats to the recipients.

Nik said...

Disneyland is so fun! Sounds like you had a great time! And of course, I LOVE to read your blog!

Leslie said...

Wow, I will feel like a million bucks with those on!! I love the last pair of earrings you gave me, ya, I can only wear them for a certain amount of time before my ear lobes stretch out of their natural shape but I do love them and wear them often!! Sounds like you had the best trip ever. We missed you but your guest bloggers were very entertaining. I saw a saying that made me think of you the other day:
"Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth."
Love ya

Shauna said...

Ohhhh. (Imagine small flapping movements before my tearing up eyes...) I've never been so honored! I LOVE, Love, love the Pirate Princess bag. I feel so Caribbean. And I am so going to add the View Award to my blog, as soon as I can figure it out! Thanks!

Glad to have you back, and not just for swimming. Even more glad that you guys had a great time.

Thanks again for my gifts!
:) Shauna

Shauna said...
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Mel said...

What wonderful souveniers...I can't wait to see Leslie wearing hers! ;)

The Wright's said...

OH I love the shirt. It is so me!!! I have always been sassy. I will take your "great view" prize and post it with pride. It is nothing like the mustard yellow afgan hiding in the bottom of my closet. : )