Monday, July 14, 2008

What to Do At Disneyland

The Disneyland / California trip continues to unfold for you. Today I want to share with you what we did at Disneyland. Yes, we went on rides, saw many characters, saw a few shows . . . .but the really unique thing that we did was look for hidden Mickey's.

Yup, go figure. With all the stuff you try to cram into a trip to Disneyland we decided to look for Mickey's. And it ended up being a pretty cool thing to do. Not only did it give us something to do other than waiting in lines - it was a "challenge" thing with scores attached to each Mickey. Yay! A competition!!


Pick up one of these handy dandy books for $9.95 on main street in Disneyland:

Then pick up a $4.95 pen to check mark which Mikeys you find. Then lose the pen. Then buy another $4.95 pen. (Are you surprised that I currently can't find the 2nd $4.95 pen?)

You can now begin your scavenger hunt around the park for hidden mickeys like these:

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(The flowers are just additional beauty -- not real hidden mickeys. Although, if you walk around in the heat for 3 days at Disneyland you may see a mickey in the flower right before you pass out!)


The Wright's said...

K, so what do you win with the hidden mickeys? The funny thing is, I actually thought I saw a mickey in the flower. Then I read that there were no Mickey's in it and I felt foolish. It is possible, I am a little sleep deprived. Or...better yet...I am nutso!

McMommy said...

ha ha ha!! I agree! The heat will DEFINITELY make you see hidden Mickeys!!!

Wendi said...

I didn't read the disclaimer and I was searching the flowers.
The flowers!
Did I think that someone had the job of walking around all day pinching the roses into the exact replica of Mickey?
I. am. losing. it.

Great tip though.
I will remember it the next time we go.

kellieanne said...

Find the Hidden Mickey's - If I told Carp we were going to play that game he would have a totally different take on it.

Wow - I can write that and not raise the rating for your blog. Clever!

Nik said...

Well, they're clever enough to make a disney character out of a collage of miniature tourist pictures, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they figure out how to make Mickey flowers. :)