Tuesday, July 15, 2008

California Favorites

Sorry, but the decompression of California continues. Today I want to share a few of my favorites from my trip. You might find a favorite in here too!

1st. My favorite place to eat in California is Olvera Street. You can head downtown to LA and enjoy the best taquitos and avocado sauce! Just make sure you hit the corner vendor near the train station. Yum!! I would post a photo of my whole family (21 of us) eating these tasty "fire sticks" but it was serious business and no one took any photos.

2nd. This whole trip began with the annual McNees family reunion that is held on the Sunday closest to July 4th. It is always held at Hickory Park in Torrance. Neither of these facts qualify as my favorite . . .but the shirts that we all wore are my favorites. Whitney Daniels Designs in Salt Lake prints up these great shirts for only $7 each (extended sizes $8 each). You just get each person to draw their own face and WAH-LA! You have an awesome shirt. Works great for family reunions, girls camps and school classes.

3rd. I am really not a beach fan (I have some water phobias). But I do have a favorite beach area. I don't know that it has a name, but follow highway 213 as far south as can and you'll run into a little beach entrance where you can find the best tide pools. (You can also find Art, the man who likes beer but never gets drunk, but likes to chit chat with you in front of the nasty porta potties). Wait until the tide is out and you'll find cool stuff like this:

4th. This last favorite from California is a gem! My sister-in-law, Syndi, recommended it. It's the incredible PedEgg! Who would've guessed it could work so well? I came home with better feet than I went with. Not only is it great for feet, but it gives you a little something to do in the car when you're driving around looking for a grocery store.


The Wright's said...

I, too, have a PedEgg and believe it to be the best invention ever. I have nominated the maker for the Nobel Peace Prize since it has caused peace in my househould. No more feet getting caught in the carpet, no more scratches to my children caused by excessive dry skin. Sweet victory!

Wendi said...

1)Olvera Street sounds fabulous.
If I am ever in California, I will definitely give it a try.

2)Those shirts are too cute.
Love them.

3)Here is where we differ.
I love the beach.
I could stay there forever.
Love your photos.

4)Check out my personal testimony on the Ped Egg.


I should get paid royalties.
I.love. my. Ped. Egg.

Sherry said...

I know the pedegg is an INCREDIBLE although not EDIBLE egg. :) FYI---Walgreen now sells them. It looks like you're having a "smooth" Summer.

kellieanne said...

Wow! After such testimonials I feel like I'm missing the boat if I don't check out the pedegg. Walgreen's here I come!

Nik said...

I'm headed to Walgreen's too!

Syn&allboys said...

i am so happy i made your list at #4, well not me personally, but close enough..Love ya Syndi