Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Foto Flashback

Today is a Foto Flashback to a few of the times I've been to Disneyland. This is in honor of the fact that we are leaving for Disneyland in 7 hours (I'm running one last load of laundry before nodding off for a bit).

In my absence I have enlisted a few friends to guest blog. This is not only for your reading pleasure, but because I'm afraid my little blog will get lonely while I'm gone. (Dear burglars . . . this going to Disneyland is only a ruse . . I am here. I have a gigantic dog that will rip your ears off. I have a really, really good security system. And if that doesn't deter you . . . my watchful neighbor should scare the crap out of you!)

My first guest blogger is my good friend Shauna. Shauna has a new blog called
Life on Celestial Circle. (Needless to say - I don't live on her street, but wish I did!) I met Shauna while doing PTA stuff, and she puts me to shame with how dedicated she is to our schools, to her kids and to the church. She is amazing!

My second guest blogger is my sister-in-law Tifany. Tif also has a new blog called
The Wright Place and The Wright Times. Tif is very funny, very talented and has adorable children! I can't wait to see what she posts . . . Happy blogging everyone!


Shelby said...

Great 'nostalgic' pictures Wendy. Have fun at Disneyland you crazy nut for going over the Fourth!

Wendi said...

I am with Tammy...
why on the fourth?
EVERYONE else will be there too!
Have a great time!
I will cross my fingers you won't be standing in line the whole day.