Friday, January 30, 2009

Destined to be a Criminal?

MSNBC ran an article this week highlighting the publication of a study regarding the correlation between your name and your criminal potential.

The article cited that those kids with popular names were less likely to commit crimes while unusual or unpopular names committed more crimes.

So in a 'random' attempt to distinguish who may be criminally prone, I've investigated a few names. Here's the findings based on name popularity from my generation.

Names are listed in order of criminal potential - starting from lowest to highest! (completely non-scientific!)

Michael (Most Popular Boy's Name)
Jennifer (Most Popular Girl's Name)
Amy (2nd)
Stephanie (9th)
Jeffrey (15th)
Tammy (23rd)
Joshua (24th)
Paul (27th)
Susan (27th)
Wendy (36th)
Erin (39th)
Melanie (56th)
Leslie (70th)
Sherry (94th)
Damon (138th)
Joy (145th)
Duane (190th)
Kellie (194th)
Peggy (250th)
Shauna (308th)
Jacquelyn (329th)
Ethan (345th) - it was 38th in 1998 though
Wendi (378th)

Just a note, but there was not even a Taffy, Syndi or Cheiko on the whole list!
What does that say?

Final words from the study:

"And while these names are not the direct cause of criminal behavior, boys with uncommon names are treated differently by other kids, making it difficult for them to form healthy relationships. Also, kids with unpopular names are more prone to acting out because they consciously or unconsciously dislike their names."
Something to think about . . . .

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tammy said...

Hey! Looks like I'm in good company. Why on earth would an "i" or "y" at the end of your name make such a significant difference? Kellie has some catching up to do.....

Sherry said...

How did 'Sherry' rate???? Maybe not destined to be a criminal but what about a alcoholic......hmmmmm....

Leslie said...

This is sure to make me look at certain people....... I mean names, a little differently.

Lucy said...

Names do make a difference in how you are treated throughout your life. I have hated my real name since forever. It has caused me more grief than I care to go into. And to think of going into eternity with it saddens me to no end. People should THINK when naming children. And think very hard.

Shauna said...

Alright! That gives me a better feeling when I truly want to throttle someone--my name made me do it!!! The world makes sense again! Thanks!
;) Shauna (the evil mastermind)

Taffy said...


Taffy said...

Taffy was a Welch man
Taffy was a thief
Taffy came to my house and stole a side of beef

(old nursery rhyme)

Lisa Anne said...

Cool. I'm not even listed. So spill, where did you get this list? This would be so great for FHE or even mutual. It would be so much fun to tease a bunch of boys about what their futures hold. And I know a few girls that would seriously consider changing their names. Maybe I will change mine too. Give me a bit of a scary edge. Now, to think of a new name..... this could take a while.....

Amy said...

2nd!?! Maybe I should take off with all that PTA money after all. Naw, anyone want to do something illegal with me? Call if you have a great idea.

Jacquie said...

Trustworthy and honest yep! thats me!

Jaime said...

Oh no...maybe my boy can go by his middle name. What have I done?!?