Thursday, January 15, 2009

PMS Post

I have just got to redirect all of you people to a blog I really get a kick out of reading. Happy Hour Sue's blog is called Happy Meals & Happy Hour and her blog today about PMS cracked me up.

I even went so far as to sign myself up for PMSBuddy. It's like my little gift to Jeff so that he can be clued in to what's happening here at home and which days to work late.

And for Kellie, the newest Facebook junkie - you can have PMSBuddy update your status on your Facebook page. (I'm gonna spare my poor high school friends from enjoying this personal information).


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Mel said...

Ha ha ha...this is SO funny! Every woman should take advantage of this! Can't help but thinking that Ray, from Everybody Loves Raymond could benefit from it! ;)

Mel said...
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kellieanne said...

That is Hi-larious! However, it would never work in my relationship with Carp. I have spent years trying to convince him that I don't have PMS. I absolutely hate when he blows off an emotional encounter or frustration I feel during a PMS moment(week.) Tammy would actually pay attention to it and cut me some slack. She's nice like that.

As far as Facebook - that's TMI.