Friday, January 9, 2009

Road Rage

Basically the world is better off with me being a stay at home mom who is not daily sitting in traffic jams.

Today I drove Melanie to her school, since her car is in the shop, and the amount of naughty comments from my mouth at other people's driving was outrageous!

In addition, the trip to Bluffdale took me 3 hours round trip!! A semi accident at point of the mountain held me up on my way THERE.

And a 40 billion car pile up at Lehi and a car fire in AF held me up on my way HOME.

At some point, slow traffic just annoys you --

But accidents . . . that just becomes heart wrenching. I'm not a wimpy kinda girl, but after seeing the pile up in Lehi and nearly being a part of it. . . I was shaking!

Guess I should re-address my mouthy speaking of slow traffic and be grateful to be accident free. My thoughts to all those involved this morning and I wish you quick recovery!

Link to KSL on the Lehi accident

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Melanee said...

I am glad you are okay. And yes, I feel invisible most of the time and don't use the best language (involves stupid people a lot of the time). Count your blessings, atleast the stupid... blah blah blah... didn't hit you!!

kellieanne said...

It took Carp an hour and a half to reach the 1200 W exit it Lehi. He got off and decided to work from home. Now we know what happened out there. Glad you made it there and back safely! ;)

Little GrumpyAngel said...

I haven't by for awhile (holiday excuse) so I haven't seen your new look till today. I love your new lay-out, and the header is pretty cool.

I hate traffic jams especially the ones cuased by bad accidents. Unfortunately my commute to work involves I-80 which is practically a parkingg lot most days in my neck of the woods. Ugh!