Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strawberry Days

strawberry alyssa Pictures, Images and PhotosIn a most unfortunate series of events I found myself, a few weeks ago, at a Strawberry Days Committee Meeting.

Other than the high score on Bejeweled (bless my little palm pilot) I walked away with the instructions to ponder a theme for Strawberry Days this year.

I have thought, deeply, about what theme I could possibly suggest for this dear community that I live in.

And I thought maybe I should run a few by you, before submitting them to the committee.

A few things to keep in mind before deciding:

1 --Last year's theme was: "Everyone Comes Home For Strawberry Days"
2 -- It's got to sound good as part of Lisa's answering machine options
3 -- I have to be able to come up with the winning entry at the Children's Parade using the theme

Option #1

Celebrating the Generations, and Generations, and Generations and Generations, and Generations of citizens who continue to live in Pleasant Grove.

Option #2

To Strawberry Days we all went as we followed the sewage plant scent

Option #3

High density housing's a plus and rodeo attendance a must

I'm open for other options, so please submit them prior to my next meeting . . . .

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Peggy said...

I've got one! It's not a sentiment I particularly understand, but hear prevalently, nonetheless. How about:

"We should've closed the gate on our way in"

For your parade entry, you could have your banner on a big gate, with a few privileged looking kids walking in front of it, but most of the kids walking behind it (possibly wearing house costumes), trying fruitlessly to get them to open the gate. :)

Taffy said...

Strawberry days...Where we don't grow the strawberries, we buy them from Macey's.

Anonymous said...

Strawberry Days-Kick-Off for Summer

Strawberry Daze- Kind of a family oriented 60's, drug thing.(I'm thinking costuming for the parade)

Strawberry Days- Naturally Sweet