Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shark Trouble

Apparently Australia is having a rash of Great White Shark attacks. I watched the news coverage this morning as I snuggled deeper into my blankets - grateful that I don't have a passion for swimming in the ocean.

But then I had to stop and think for a minute when they suggested that to stay safe from the shark attacks you should swim in a group. They didn't say, "Hey - stay out of the water for a few weeks!" or "Chain mail swim suits only". They suggested that you take your "friends" swimming with you in the shark infested waters.

What's the purpose here? Confuse the sharks with so many warm, fleshy body parts that you reduce the odds of him going for YOUR body parts.

And how are you going to feel if you get invited to go swimming in shark infested waters with your friend? You know they just want you to go so that YOU get eaten instead of them.

And if you happen to have fleshier, tastier thighs than your skinny friend who invited you it's easy to deduce just where you stand on their food chain of friends.

Let's face it -- since I've got those meaty thighs and slow swimming skilz it's just plain LUCKY that I have no friends in Australia to "invite" me for some ocean swimming.

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Leslie said...

That is Lucky!!! You are always the optimist!!!

kellieanne said...

I would never think of asking you to go swimming with me. I don't like swimming. How's that for a true friend?

Sherry said...

G'day mate! You'll have time to get back to shore while he's chowing down on me. He'll have alot to chow down on....BELIEVE'll have time to get to shore!!!

tammy said...

Wendy-this is why I love you! All day I waited for a legit reason to laugh and I finally got it! Thank you!

Melanee said...

Of all the things to focus on the news right now... this is what you picked??? Sharks??? I wish that was my only worry. Just kidding and we won't even comment about me... just know that I would be out there with you (just for you).