Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm a pathetic blogger . . . . .

In an attempt to reclaim this blog and my voice to the world,

I turn a new leaf and blog anew.

Today, it's about the Arts.

Pleasant Grove Arts, to be specific.

I was entertained tonight by a handful of local women as they performed, Nunsense!

It was great!

It was great to see my family so entertained,

It was great to see people putting themselves 'out there'

And sharing their talent.

There are a lot of groups in the city that do this,

And I'm blessed to have gotten to know them better.

I do wish that I could be better at promoting each of them,

Inspiring and encouraging them,

Lending a helping hand to them.

But I lead a fairly quite life and am not as connected to others as I could be.

It makes helping these talented groups a struggle for me.

But I'll keep trying, because they keep trying.

Come join me for a dinner and a show . . . .

Saturday, the 6th.  Dinner at 6pm (Costa Vida) and Show at 7:30pm (Nunsense).

Get your ticket at

I'm sitting on row D.

And tickets are on sale now for Once on This Island!!

 Plan another girls night out coming next month.

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