Friday, March 19, 2010

Which is Worse

If you had to pick one of these activities,

Which one would you think is worse?

  • Running 13.1 miles
  • Having your annual EXAM
Hmmmm . . . . .hard choice eh?

Well, like a TOTAL dork I planned both of those things for the next 24 hours.

I tried to make a list this morning of who I would be thinking of,

While I did both of these things.

But writing down someone's name to think about

While the doctor peruses my netherlands

Didn't seem right.

And I just couldn't move on to suggesting people who inspire me for during the race.

Let's just hope I make it through both things this weekend

Without any incidence.


Leslie said...

I just don't know what to say...
Wow, what a weekend!!! Umm....Enjoy!!
Good luck!!
That sucks!!
Sounds Painful!!
Best wishes!!
Well....I hope your 13.1 feels short and your doctor is in a good mood!!

Mel said...

Who WOULDN'T want to do both of these in the same weekend?!* ;) you're one "tough" woman!

ha ha ha...P.S. the verification code is navel...maybe you could have that checked out too ;)