Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been thinking alot

as I play Bejeweled . . .

And have made some important Connections.

Connection #1

I don't blog much during the week if the previous Sunday stunk!

Sunday was a stinky day this week.  The fact of the matter is, that when Sunday is bad, it's always something I can't really verbalize and so I stew over it in my mind instead of on the blog. 

Connection #2

I drink a LOT more Diet Coke and eat a LOT more cookies for breakfast on the days I drive Preschool carpool!

Holy cow!  I hate getting up in the morning, getting Emma ready earlier than usual and then trying to pick kids up so we get there on time.  There always seems to be a delay.  And let's not kid ourselves . . . I am a delay when other people drive.

In addition, I'm just not a great 'kid' person.  With all the bragging, nagging, tattling and pestering in the car while transporting children, I want to shoot myself.  I am a bad, bad kid person with little patience left.  I think I used it all up with the boys.  I feel my age more as I parent Emma.  Sad ~

Connection #3

I am against Healthcare Reform UNTIL I find out that three people in my family need tonsils out and the other person has a sinus infection.

I have been advocating for Josh to get his tonsils out since he was 5.  And wouldn't you know it, but after Josh, Jeff and Emma were all referred to the same ENT by three DIFFERENT doctors -- I finally get to have Josh's tonsils out.  And Emma's.  And Jeff's. 

Except, now I have a Health Savings Account through Jeff's work.  Which means that Jeff can't get his tonsils out.  Emma can't get her tonsils out.  But JOSH CAN!

And since we'd hate to have Ethan feeling left out - we took him to the doctor yesterday too.  He has the sinus infection. 

Popping open my third Diet Coke of the morning. . . .


Shauna said...

Ouch...I know what you mean. I am still paying off the tests from my allegedly bad boob last summer because the insurance is giving me grief over which carrier was the primary insurance and which was the secondary. Neither one will claim me and my bad boob. And I have already gotten the reminder note that the new mammo is due again. Uh, I think not. At least not until the insurnace quits fighting and finally pays the last one off. Argh.

Maybe a move to Canada should be considered. They have a nice national anthem.

Good luck with everyone's tonsils, and sinuses. Poor Josh. That is a killer drangon breath surgery. At least it was when cAMeron did about 4. Sorry. :\

PS--My word verification is PREOP, I'm just saying, maybe it is a sign.

Kr!sty said...

hmmm, interestingly enough, I feel completely responsible for your "bad Sunday". Sorry. I'll be good this week. :|