Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Halves Make A Whole?

Alright, so I've taken a week off from my life.

I think I deserve it after running another half-marathon.

I guess I deserve the blogging break, the box of Ho-Ho's, the chips, the day of reading in bed, the week without making dinner, etc etc.

But I'm ready now to let you know how the run went!

You can't hardly tell, but that's me and Melanie finishing with a clock time of 2:57.  Our chip time was 2:52, which is under the 3 hours and 15 minutes it took me last year.  So YAY!

It's also a faster time than the skinnier lady in black, who is finishing BEHIND us.  So YAY!

You may be asking yourself if this race was difficult for me ---

When you get sweaty boob marks on your shirt . . . it's a hard race! 

That can't possibly be more unattractive and that's so 'misleading' as to how low my boobs really hang!

But at the end of the race this year I felt pretty darn good!

 (So good we choose to have a photo-op with the potties and the trash, recycle and compost pile, as opposed to the nice Moab Half Marathon backdrop provided)

I had a lot more strength this year than I did last year.  Also, it was motivational to run with Melanie, as she is younger and more fit than I am.  It was challenging to keep up with her, and I probably owe her my faster time!

I also owe a HUGE thanks and love to my family. They are awesome to support me and be excited for me.  Jeff is a ROCK and completely indulgent when it comes to supporting me ~ I couldn't do it without him!

Watch tomorrow for a post of what we did AFTER the race.  (It wasn't napping).


Island mama said...

Go you! Awesome!!!!
(And Melanie too!)

Shauna said...

I'm proud of you--just for trying and doing all the things you are. You are an inspirational friend. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jeff does so much to support you and build you up. He could teach lessons on husbanding.

Congrats on finishing another accomplishment!

Yoli said...

Good job ladies!! You gals are hardcore!

Kr!sty said...

I'm gonna pee myself! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweaty boob pic! Way freaking funny!