Thursday, March 11, 2010


We celebrated Melanie's birthday
with style
in style
getting style . . .

It included Melanie getting pierced ears!!

And because Emma held Melanie's hand during the procedure,
and then cried because she wanted hers done

Emma got pierced ears too!

These girls think they are so IT now!

I think they're pretty darn cute too ~


Shauna said...

They ARE so darn cute!

Jill is still waffling on the pierced ears thing...sure would make my gift shopping for her easier, but I'm sure it'll happen when she is ready.

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

kellieanne said...

My parents wouldn't let me get my ears pierced until I was 13. They I did it again at 15. Again at 19. Then the prophet told us to wear one set of earrings. Go figure.

When Gabby asked at 7 if she could get her ears pierced I was all for it. I figure when they ask, it's time to do it.

Happy Birthday Mel and congrats to Mel and Emma on some pretty sparklies!

Mel said...

thanks again for the random birthday "piercing." I'm so glad we did it! Can't help but think about how big of a wimp I am compared to your 5-year-old daughter! She rocks :)