Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just got word the other day that the Junior High is getting a new principal.

I was assured that the 'new' one is going to be great.

Which is important, since the previous one was GREAT too!

Today the Junior High kids caught wind of the switch,

And asked me why this change was happening

As I drove home the carpool.

I said it's just something they do every 5 years or so.

Just like they switch mom's every 14 years.

I told Josh this meant that he was due for a new mom.

Seemed so funny then --

But my kid is telling me about his booger encrusted nose --

Needing defense skillz in the lunchroom in case he's attacked by a ninja --

Trying to google stuff as I type this --

Maybe we should look into some sort of Mom Switch.

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