Monday, March 10, 2008

Grand PooBah

Social situations drive me crazy! Thinking of what to say, how to make a good impression, ensuring a good time is had by all . . .. .this drives me crazy. I can get so worked up over social stuff! I skipped a good friends bridal shower Saturday because the thought of going and being social pushed me over the edge. (Okay, Josh was sick too). I have never attended a Tupperware party, shoe party, swimwear party, candle party, scissor party, paper clip party or dryer lint party. Why? Because they are social - and that means I don't go.

So imagine my Sunday as I know that our little ward primary is to be visited by the Stake Primary President. I know, I know . . not big deal. But she's accompanied by a member of the Primary General Board! Come on, that's a bit of a bigger deal. If I can't think of what to say at my friend's bridal shower I'm sure as heck not coming up with something brilliant for this lady!

Not only that, but when I'm told she's coming (2 days before) - I'm having flashbacks of last Sunday in primary:
  • A three year old announcing that her "bum bum" hurts to the whole primary
  • The chorister asking the children to please stop "sucking their skirts"
  • A 6 year old blowing spit bubbles and asking his neighbor to pop them
  • The primary president talking at the back of the room and having her 3 year old "shush" her.

Now I'm really sweating it as I head to church yesterday. But the afternoon passes fairly well -- Only one child freaked out that the Stake Primary President's object lesson had no ears, my own daughter spent three-quarters of the meeting turning around to wave at me as I sat next to the two visiting sisters, a surprise visit to an unsuspecting classroom and a "drop-in" to the nursery rounded out the afternoon. Overall - most of the usual dramatic elements of our primary didn't happen! I didn't say anything awkward, a hug, in farewell, to the sisters was natural and there was politeness and kindess everywhere.

But what really put this into perspective was when I came home from church. My Aunt Pat, not a member of the LDS Church, asked how it went with the "Grand Poobah" from our church there. What a change of outlook one phrase can make! You know, the "Grand Poobah" was just normal. And probably the "Grand Poobah" at the bridal shower, the Tupperware party and the community council meeting is normal too!

I think that's something to take into consideration next time I'm asked to participate in a social situation. And for those who invite me to participate in social sitations they could consider this: "Social Situations Drive Me Crazy!"

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