Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hair-Raising Story

I can tell Emma's an island girl (either that or she's really a mermaid), she really loves the water. We have a daily bath ritual (daily could really mean hourly some days). The bath ritual goes like this:

Emma: Mom! I want a bath!
Me: No
Emma: Mom! I want a bath! Noooooooowwwww!
Me: No
(Repeated three to four times)
Emma: I want a bath!
Me: Fine
At this point I leave the important thing I'm doing (Toontown is currently the "important" thing) and head to the bathroom to fill up the tub. This part of the ritual includes undressing and putting each and every toy in the tub one by one. **Warning: Do NOT try dumping all toys in the tub at once** The ritual continues:
Me: Time to hop in the tub
Emma: WHEE!
This is where my "favorite" part of the bath ritual happens. I wander off to continue doing my important things. When I hear a SCREAM!
Emma: Aaaaaggghhh! Hair!
Me: I'm coming dear
I am now required to come and fish a hair off of Emma's hand that she has found floating in the tub with her. Again I wander off . . .
Emma: Aaaaaggghhh! Hair!
Me: Here I come
Hair Removal
Emma: Aaaaaggghhh! Hair!
Me: Really? Again?
Hair Removal
Emma: Aaaaaggghhh! Hair!
Me: For Crying Out Loud!!
Hair Removal
Emma: Aaaaaggghhh! Hair!
Me: You're Done.

I pull the plug, throw the toys in the bucket and that ends the daily bath ritual!
Has anyone ever seen the quantity of hair my child has? Of course there's going to be floating hair in her tub water, she found one in her spaghetti-o's just now, they're everywhere!


Island mama said...

I honestly CANNOT believe how big Emma is!!!!! In my mind, she should still be the little peanut she was as a baby. She's SO adorable!

tifertoes said...

I love knowing I am not the only one with a child with both a hair and bath obsession. I feel your pain, dude!