Friday, March 28, 2008


You know that feeling when you think something's wrong? You feel sick but you hesitate to go to the doctor because maybe you aren't sick and the doctor's gonna send you home with nothing. No diagnosis, no medicine, no promise of a cure. You practically beg for a tumor, ulcer, infection just so you can feel validated!

Today, I feel validated. I have had a long standing problem, and today it has a name . . . . . MOMNESIA!

What is Momnesia? According to a USA Today article, "It's the "the mental fuzziness and memory lapses that set in shortly after childbirth". Mother's who once had near photographic memories start to forget things! (gasp!) It's quite serious as you can imagine. The article cites that "momnesia can be dangerous, such as when moms forget to fasten the straps in an infant's car seat."

I, myself, have suffered the debilitating effects of Momnesia.

  • I have lost my keys and not remembered where I put them
  • I have forgotten the names of my children and called them by the wrong name
  • I have forgotten where the milk goes and put it in the pantry
  • I have forgotten parts of my children's childhood! I can't remember what picture Ethan drew on the wall with his crayons, I can't remember if Josh used the iron-fortified formula, I don't know which of Emma's teeth came in first!!
  • I have forgotten that I had wet laundry in the washing machine
  • I have forgotten to return phone calls
  • I have forgotten where I parked my car

What should you do if you are experiencing momnesia? Remember, "women don't get dumber after childbirth" we are just learning more. Also, keep in mind that when you have children, "You're a slightly different person afterward."

Thank goodness I took the time to read up on this illness -- you should check it out too: Momnesia. Also, share your Momnesia Moments with me, it makes me feel less alone.

On a Side Note: Here is some artwork I KNOW Ethan did - it's a picture of himself!


Jeff said...

If you really have Momnesia, maybe you will forget about man-flu, man-colds, and all other man-diseases. :)

Wendy said...

I think Momnesia comes & goes. I can recall perfectly when there's a man-flu epidemic. I also have CRYSTAL clear memory when I'm in an argument! All other times . . . .Momnesia. HA HA

Fotoshauna said...

Momnesia! Finally a name to the calamity! I think I have a chronic case and it is sure to become terminal. Thanks for giving the hope that there ought to be a support group or a tele-thon or something for us. Maybe a Hart's-Mug-Refill-Thon and with that we could head on toward researching a cure!

Have great weekend! :)

kellieanne said...

Oh, I "forgot" to tell you I've had momnesia for quite sometime now. I fear it's contagious. Gasp! You must have caught it from me! Sorry.

Will you please let me know if there is another man-flu, man-cold or man-diseases epidemic about. Carp suffered from a really bad one a few weeks ago. It took me, oh, I mean him weeks to get over it. I would like to avoid that in the future if at all possible.

By the way, love your blog!

Tammy said...

Did you not know that I am the official poster mom for this disease? In fact, you can send donations for non-profit research to my home address! Hahahaha!!

tifertoes said...

So the other day, I forgot Kutter at preschool. Well, actually, I just thought I had to pick him up later than I did. His teacher called me and I actually argued with her that it was not time to pick him up for another 20 minutes. I was totally convinced I was right. Then reality set in and I figured out my error and felt the fool. I have momnesia every moment of every day. But, I appreciate the fact that I too have an excellent memory in an argument. I would stake my life, or at least Ryan's life, on my account of events. It is quite amazing really.

Wendy said...

A support group is clearly needeed! I'm shocked that it has taken this long to bring Momnesia to our attention! (or maybe they have tried before and I just don't remember it)

Fellow sufferers UNITE!

Tifany - I would've paid good money to watch you argue with the preschool teacher -- Sadly you're not alone, I have forgotten children at school repeatedly!

Leslie said...

Love the post. Super cute. You're not the only suffering from "momnesia". I am too, and despite the name, I think my father is too. ;)Honestly I went over to his house to pick up some things from my mom for a Relief Society activity, and he was doing come window cleaning and he couldn't remember my son's name! So funny!