Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Blessings Help Me Through Life

Next to my computer hangs a piece of Ethan's artwork. It's entitled My Blessings Help Me Through Life. Every day Emma sits on my lap and we look at it together. We say "Thank you for paper, seasons, church, priesthood, video games, colours, time, love!, my bones and computer." Then Emma lets out a nice big "AMEN!" Because by reading through the artwork we've given a prayer. Here's the artwork in two parts:

I thought today I'd share with you some of my blessings that help me through my life:

  • Rhyming words. I'm grateful for words like boots & lubes that kinda rhyme with "boobs". This way when Emma sings "E-I-E-I Boobs" or "I am a Child of God and He has sent me Boobs", I can tell other people she's really saying "E-I-E-I Boots". I feel better about my parenting if I can hide her current obsession with boobs.

  • Baseball Caps. What a wonderful invention that gives the illusion that you cared enough to do something with your hair!

  • Clean House. Yes, I'd be thankful for a Clean House, but I think the Style Network show "Clean House" does just fine. Watching it everyday makes me feel better about my own house, no matter how dirty. If you skip out on the last 10 minutes of the program it'll make you feel even better! Clean House

  • Fish. Yeah, fish. I'm so happy that there's a lesson in the Primary Manual entitled "I am Thankful for Fish". When Emma's Sunbeam teachers sent home 2 live goldfish in celebration of the lesson, I quickly felt thankful the church doesn't endorse lessons such as "I am Thankful for Iguanas", "I am Thankful for Leeches" or worse . . "I am Thankful for Snakes." Yes . . . I'm "Thankful for Fish!"



melmac0305 said...

That was really sweet of Emma's teachers to give every sunbeam two gold-fish! I'm crossing my fingers for you that one week will somehow be, "I am thankful for Diet Coke!"

Wendy said...

I nominate you to write the new primary manual if you'll include that lesson!

tifertoes said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at the boob thing that I am pretty sure I wet myself. It makes me feel somewhat normal since Kutter the other day in Wal-mart asking me what "nipples" started with. That was my mistake in trying to explain to him that boys do not have boobs but everyone has nipples.

Wendy said...

Tif- That's hysterical! Why do kids save all the "personal" comments for everyone at Wal-Mart to hear?

Island mama said...

The best is when your 3 year old little man announces loudly in the check out line at Wally World that boys have penises and girls have ginas!

Wendy said...

There is not a good way to get out of loud statements like that in a grocery store. You just grin and hope that the checkout lady has kids too. I'm thinking Jake and Emma together could keep us entertained for a LONG time!