Monday, March 24, 2008

Wedding Don'ts

I just felt like I really needed to impress upon people the Wedding Do's from my previous post. I'm sure you're thinking, "Really, are these things THAT important to do?" I feel it is my duty to let you know what a wedding looks like where these guidelines are NOT used.

*** Warning ***

These photos may shock and overwhelm the mild and weak of heart

Peach & Teal in all it's 80's glory! Imagine what magic I could've made with Red & Black. And try to get a glimpse of the floral halo's.

This one pains me deeply, but fully illustrates some key points.

Makeup, hair, hat and tweezing eyebrows

This is just funny if you know these people -- hee hee!

I did forget one important Wedding Do the other day. And that's: Do Marry Someone You Love. I may not have gotten all the other pieces of advice right, but at least I followed the most important one!


Jeff said...

Very cute...I like the last "DO"!

tifertoes said...

Oh my freakin heck, those pictures are hilarious!!! A whole flood of memories came back to me with those pictures. You have seriously got to love the 80's. What brings me comfort is the hope that the styles I used will come back so I can make fun of the people who use them again.

Nikker Pikker said...

Wow, did we all really look like that? Ryan looks so tiny! So funny!

Wendy said...

Fun flash back, eh? Ryan would kill me if he saw these on here!

Tammy said...

Wendy, you & Jeff are ADORABLE!! I'm sure you'll love being described in this way!

kimpg3 said...

Wendy...I wish so bad that I wasn't there on your wedding day. You looked so beautiful and in love and I love the hat most of all. Jeff is one lucky man!!!