Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding Do's

Last night a dear friend, Hiedi Taylor was married.

She was beautiful, the groom handsome and they both seemed so very happy. I was pleased to see that she followed some of my cardinal wedding rules:

  1. Do wear makeup
  2. Do your hair and if at all possible have it professionally done, even if you're wearing a hat
  3. Do decide before 4am if you are getting married at 9am that same morning

Hiedi & Emmanuel

Also at the reception were several friends of Central Elementary. It was really good to see Ronda, her husband and her son, Trevor. Ronda is also expecting a baby girl very soon.

Just for kicks, submit a comment with your own "Wedding Do's". A few of my other "Do's":

  • Do grab yummy chocolate donuts right after the wedding ceremony
  • Do wait to have sex until after the reception so you don't have a cheesy grin on your face all night long
  • Do remember that floral halo wreaths are lame for your bridesmaids
  • Do choose your favorite colors for your reception and stick with them. For example, if you've always loved red & black -- don't change your mind because the sorority girls talked you into PEACH & TEAL!

Congratulations Hiedi & Emmanuel - I wish you both much happiness!


Kim said...

DO make your wedding your dream day, not your mother's...

The Wright's said...

I agree with what Kim said. I left my wedding in the hands of my mother and sister. That is precisely why the sleeves on my wedding dress stood taller than my head. The dress I had picked was timeless but I allowed myself to be convinced otherwise. So my advice is DO follow your gut and DONT cave to the pressure.

Nik said...

DO enjoy the day! If something doesn't go as planned, that's probably what you'll remember most, so just laugh at it and move on. Also, DO hire an excellent photographer, because the photographs are all you will have to remember the day by. This is where I would spend the majority of my money. Believe me, its worth it.

kellieanne said...

Congrats to Heidi - I always have loved her. Happiness fits her well. Thanks for the pics.