Monday, March 31, 2008

Embrace Your Genes

Josh is taking a 7th grade science class this semester. He's been focusing lately on punnett squares. (Hmmm. . . here's what they look like in case it's been 18 years since you've been in school too)

Josh always asks me, "Why do I have to know this?" "Is this going to help me as an adult?"

The answer is yes!

Consider this: If "B" = Relief Society Super Woman and "b" = Relief Society Handicapped. You would then be able to embrace the fact that you are "RSH" when you figure out your genotype is "bb".

This would explain why you had no idea that your good friend was suffering with her newborn baby in the hospital this week, while you kept dinging the doorbell to deliver a gift. AH! You are Relief Society Handicapped!

One of my favorite manifestations of my "RSH" is when I think about taking meals to other people. I get all revved up to make a wonderful meal that will delight my friend, perhaps have her family begging for more, and all the while making her day so much easier. Clearly she will hail my name for many weeks . . . . . . Until I burn the rice and dry up the chicken for my favorite "Cranberry Chicken" recipe, or somehow mis-measure the Cream of Mushroom soup and stuffing mix for that "No Fail Chicken" dinner that everyone else can make. Seriously, I feel like this guy:

Genetically I'm doomed - I am Relief Society Handicapped. Giving charitable service is as difficult for me as getting my thumb to bend in a curious "hitch-hiker" manner.

But I embrace these genetic traits! Just check me out as I give you an extremely straight "thumbs up" as I pull away from Kneaders with hot soup and bread for my neighbors who needed help a week ago!


Bryan and Kim said...

First off, having been a recipient of the soup and bread meal, it rocks! Second off, you are gourmet when it comes to caring and cooking- just a little short on time :).

Tammy said...

Thank you for giving my disabling condition a name. I couldn't even manage that myself. I happen to equate my personal RS experiences right up there with accidentally ripping off a toenail.

Jaime said...

Oh Wendy! Baby barely came home last night. So the timing and the dinner were PERFECT. Thank you for being such a great friend. Consider yourself "hailed". :)

Leslie said...

AMEN to that blog "sister". RSH is more common than one might think.