Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Extreme Ironing

Nothing reels me in quite like the words:
"New", "Improved", "Better than Ever" and my favorite, "Extreme". Why settle for skiing when you can do Extreme skiing? Would you rather have a Berry Pie or an Extreme Berry Pie? Are you generally busy or are you Extremely busy? See - it's kinda fun . . .

Well, imagine my fun when I heard of Extreme Underwater Ironing this morning! Frankly, I enjoy ironing as it is - but taking it to the next level and making it Extreme -- AWESOME! The only drawback . . . . I'm not a water person. I have some phobia issues with water (Really? And you have how many boats parked at your house??) Regardless, I am taking some of the lovely advice of the Australian Extreme Underwater Ironing group who just made the Guiness Book of World Records for having 70 Extreme Ironers underwater!

You can check out their website HERE

(Just a quick note about the AEUI website - the NudiBranchs link on the left hand side does not take you to nude participants of this extreme sport)

Or their video HERE

This is how I plan to turn home ironing into Extreme Home Ironing (EHI), following some of the AEUI suggested guidelines:

  1. Safety is paramount. Do NOT attempt EHI where or when you are placing yourself, or others in danger.
  2. If conditions are not right, make the attempt another day!
  3. Pick your event location carefully!
    Pick somewhere interesting as a setting or background.
  4. Do not annoy the home wildlife or plant life whilst trying to EHI.
  5. Take great care whilst moving your props into place, an ironing board is not any easy thing to try and carry in the home. Use extra divers helpers where possible to make your job easier .
  6. Patience!
  7. Have fun, this is meant to be enjoyable not a torture test.

Hmmm.. . .looks the same as regular ironing.

Maybe I just need 70 of you to come over and help me.

Disclaimer: Extreme Home Ironing is a new sport, and is not without its risks. You undertake this sport entirely at your own risk and agree not to hold Wendy Vincent, or her family liable for any injury, death or loss of or damage to any equipment whatsoever. If you decide to undertake such an attempt, you make this attempt purely of your own free will.


tammy said...

I vaguely remember this one girl who brought her basket of ironing to church with her the day she spoke in sacrament meeting.........

melmac0305 said...

I remember that too!
But underwater or not--that looks like some EXTREME ironing to me!

Island mama said...

I didn't know anyone ironed anymore! Heck, at our house, you just throw the item into the dryer to warm it up and wah-lah! Well, mostly anyway. The rest of the wrinkles you can blame on humidity or lack thereof!

Wendy said...

Just wanted to let you all know that I finished that huge pile of ironing. I am a T-shirt ironer . . .but it's usually quality time spent thinking and coming up with profound thoughts! (ha ha ha)

kellieanne said...

You sound like my Dad. Do you by chance iron your jeans too?

Wendy said...

I am not a jean ironer -- but I am an underwear folder!