Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I went to the dentist yesterday and had the worst two hours of my life.

Although the two events are related -- the worst two hours did not happen AT the dentist they happened AFTER the dentist.

Mouth fully numb from WAY TOO MUCH dental work I couldn't even sip a Diet Coke! I couldn't tell when the ice cold can of Diet Coke was pressed against my lips . . . . it dribbled down the front of my shirt and not into my mouth. A straw was a futile attempt, and simply dangled from my numb lips.

I had to go Coke-less for two hours.

I still get misty-eyed from the absence of it.


Kim said...

Say it isn't so!! I can't believe Diet Coke was wasted in such a fashion!! Hope today is better!

Fotoshauna said...

Our dentist tells me each time I am numbed up that the caffiene in the diet coke helps the un-numbing procress, and consequently recommends that. His recommendation makes it a PRESCRIBED medicine, right?! And I always follow my doctor's orders! (Unless the GP tells me to loose wiehgt, or cut out the carbs, etc,etc,etc. I mean, let's be REASONABLE people.)

Jeanette said...

While I don't drink Coke because I don't like the taste of cola, I don't think I can go a day without my Mountain Dew. Well, I can and have but those are bad days. I feel your pain. Not the dental pain, just the not being able to drink your Coke pain.

Tammy said...

This has dredged up a memory I thought I had successfully buried deep, deep inside my sub-conscious......Me, after a trip to the dentist, with tears running down my cheeks, trying to suck a Snelgrove malt through a straw. So sad. Thanks, Wendy.....

Davis Family said...

I have been an addict for years now, Diet Coke has been MY little pleasure! Today was day 4 with out it, I'm still not convinced that I can stick to my guns, especially after your moving testimonial:)
By the way, love your blog!

Wendi said...

My name is Wendi.
I am a Diet Cokeaholic.
I have been clean for 1 year, 3 months and 12 days.
Until now.
I have a sudden urge to go find a Diet Coke served over finely crushed ice.
Must. find. Sonic.

Thanks Wendy... I thought I was cured!

Jaime said...

Skip the Coke, give me the Sonic ice! Love it. And at $1 a bag, it makes economical sense too.