Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Commercials

If your first week(s) of summer have been as busy as mine, you'll probably laugh hysterically if I ask you what your favorite t.v. commercial, running now, is. I haven't flipped the t.v. on all week! And it's not loking good for the rest of the week either. But in a moment of computer surfing, while ignoring the pile of "stuff" that needs to be done, I found a blog discussing the best summer commercials. You can submit your favorites (or least favorites) to the blog and see what everyone is liking. The results are not in yet -- but I kinda liked this one (I like the Discovery Channel too):

You can follow along on the commercial blog by clicking HERE
You can see last year's disturbing commercial and best commercial HERE. I'm still trying to scour the Sour Skittles commercial out of my memory bank!

Enjoy Your Day!


Jeanette said...

Oh my! I have never seen that skittles commercial before. Major ick factor.
The Discovery Channel one is pretty neat. My 3 year old saw me watching it and has requested I replay it about 5 times now.

Wendi said...

Love the Discovery Channel one.
The skittles commercial should be banned in all countries, and in all languages. ugh!

Thanks for sharing...I did not know about these sites.

Mel said...

Um...the skittles commercial is an image I'll never be able to forget! Disturbing.
And- the Discovery Channel one is awesome :)

Ryan said...

Um, don't get too used to them using the washer and dryer, I might need those back someday..:)

Jaime said...

Oh I like the Discovery Channel one.

Have you seen the one with the unibrow girl and the cashews...she uses them like perfume and all the guys around town go gaga over her. It's hilarious!