Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waxing Philosophical about Ice

In a brief moment of pure clarity at the swimming pool this morning (6:30am) as I was drinking the last of my Diet Coke (yeah, 6:30am) I had a deep realization. ICE MATTERS! As I sipped the last drop of my DC I happened to squeeze my cup too hard, causing the lid to pop off (don't ask why I squeezed too hard). And that's when it happened! I saw that the pool has Crushed Ice (you know, the Sonic kind). What joy, what happiness! And all of a sudden, how much better I thought my Diet Coke had tasted.

Then the really deep thinking began . . . . What if in life, we are all ice cubes? And depending on which kind of ice you are (cubed, blocked, crushed) you can make any situation in life more enjoyable. For example, the dude at the triathlon who was a pain in the butt -- definitely BLOCK ICE! The neighbor girl who works at the grocery store and asked me very nicely if I wanted paper or plastic -- CUBED ICE! One of the dearest older women in the neighborhood, Dora -- CRUSHED ICE!

See? The situations may be the same, but depending on who is there, and with what attitude (Cube, Block, Crushed) it makes all the difference!

(Wow! What amazing thoughts I have at 6:30 in the morning all hopped on caffeine!)


Jaime said...

This post is so deep, I don't dare comment.

Jeanette said...

Nice! Now I will go around calling everybody block or cubed ice (under my breath of course). Like the lady at the store who would not double my coupon. Total cubed ice!

Wendi said...

Love your ice analogy!
Does life get any better than crushed ice?
I am with Jeanette.
I will be thinking all day...what type of ice are they?
You and your little blog are definitely crushed ice.
Very refreshing.
I like it here!