Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been a little MIA lately. That's Missing In Action FYI. I've been a little busy studying for my LO classes. That's Loan Officer classes. In the process of studying I've come to realize how much I under use acronyms. I'm wasting my time and breath in not shortening what I say.

For example, in the LO classes we say important things like: According to HOEPA (pronounced Hoe-Eee-Pa, cuz saying the individual letters takes too much time too) which is an ammendment to TILA (Till-uh) it is good for LO's to disclose APR's and any ARM info provided from the FTC and HUD. See, that's way faster than saying it with the actual words in place, KWIM?

In fact the whole LO class has led me to make some major changes in how I run my house. Here's a few of the top changes:

  • When the boys are teasing each other I kindly remind them of BKTOA (pronounced Back-toe-uh). "Josh, please stop spraying your new AXE spray on Ethan's sheets & blankets or you'll be in violation of BKTOA (Be Kind To Others Act). "

  • When I'm headed to the car I just shout GIC! And the kids know immediately to Get In the Car.

  • I've renamed their job charts too. We call them HUD #1's (Home Upkeep Documents). The boys have yet to hand in a fully initialized triplicate form! It's so frustrating~

  • And finally, bedtime is now streamlined as I remind the kids to BTSYPKG (pronounced Betsy-pinking). In other words: Bruth Teeth, Say Your Prayers, Kiss Goodnight!

I'm taking this home in a whole new direction! We're going to rise to the top, we're going to go National, baby!


Wendi said...

I will never look at acronyms the same.
I will have to try some of your suggestions.
(blog with you later!)

Jaime said...

You are so hilarious. Love it.

Miss Mel said...

I really think acronyms are the future. There's nothing quite like shortning words to letters that: TAJALTS(take almost just as long to say).

You're definitely going national! You might want to patten some of those ;)

Miss Mel said...

BTW: patten = patent--it's another thing that's going national ;)