Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Open Letter Opportunity

This morning events conspired in such a cosmic way, that another open letter is necessitated. However, I thought I would use a visual form to get my message across. Consider it a symbolical visual open letter. To help you, here is a key for the symbols used in the video:
  • The store in this video should be interpreted as a swim meet that happened this morning
  • The people intricately going about their shopping trip can be interpreted as the participants at the swim meet (who are being carefully orchestrated by a swim mom and her trusty volunteer friends)
  • Finally, please intrepet the cash paying customer as an eager parent who sees flaws in the intricate workings of the swim meet and on the spot changes the whole flow of the meet causing the ensuing disaster

In my mind I like to picture the assistant store manager of this deli as she sees the process and procedure go up in smoke. She's probably biting a hole in her lip ~ she may be storming around the store venting at any available co-worker ~ she may be on the verge of closing the store entirely for the rest of the day ~ she may wish she had a .22 under the scoring table aimed at the cash paying customer.

All I know, is that after cleaning up hot dog puke at 3am keeping a clear head around "cash paying customers" bright and early in the morning, is really, really, really hard. So here's to you, "cash paying customer" for helping me take my self-control for an exercising walk around the block today! I owe you one ~


Fotoshauna said...

You write an "open letter" in any form ANYTIME you please. I agree that the Visa customers were well orchestrated by swim parents and your trusty team of volunteers. That one dang-gum "cash paying customer" yesterday was just a speed bump on the rode of life and we'll be fine, as will the team, and the coaches, et. al. You did a great job not holding your .22 under the table and your venting it welcome wheverever I am at a given meet. I think you are fantastic and the parents who "pay with VISA" appreciate all you do! Hang in there!

Wendi said...

I love your little analogy and your open letter.
I am breathing a sigh of relief that you didn't have to pull out that .22! Whew!
Hang in there Swim Mama!!!