Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Manager

Today I started re-started my educational path. I am studying to become a . . . . Loan Officer.

I thought the fact that I charmed the young twenty-year old who enrolled me in class was a good start today. Also, that they let you drink Diet Coke while in class was another really good sign (Thanks Josh for lending me some cash!). I brought my favorite pen and notebook to class and got an expensive awesome calculator that requires me to do absolutely no thinking to figure loan payments!

But the class turned a bit sour as we all had to introduce ourselves. For pity's sake could I have not been spared this little tidbit of fun? It went like this:

"What's your name?"
"Welcome to class, Bob. What do you do?"
"I've been working in real estate for a year."
"Great, Bob! And what's your name?"
"Well, Ted, what do you do?"
"I've been doing loans for 20 years now and I'm here for some CE" (Um. . .only took me 15 minutes to figure out that meant Continuing Education . . I'm smart that way.)
"Well, I'm so excited to hear your stories Ted - you'll be a great addition to class. What's your name?"
"Wendy, what do you do?"
"I'm a home manager." (Big cheesy grin, cuz I think I'm hysterical!)
"Yeah, I'm . . " (Here I start to falter under the gaze of my fellow classmates - all 4 of them. I'm not feeling so funny and charming anymore) . . "I'm actually just a Stay At Home Mom."
"Well. . . that's interesting . .. "

Yeah, I don't think the teacher meant interesting like I wish she would've meant it. For the first 2 hours I got the remedial comments as she explained words like . . . mortgage, interest and escrow. For crying out loud I do have a house and know something about loans. I wish I would've stuck to my guns about the Home Manager thing . . . I downed several Diet Cokes during my 4 hours and stroked my awesome new calculator to calm myself whenever she gave me the remedial glance as she talked about the FHA 240C loan that is such a pain. I know something about pains . . . .


Kim said...

didn't you have a friend in class with you to laugh at you?

Wendi said...

Next time just go with my description of a SAHM. I like to rattle it off any chance I get.

I am a "on- the -go-cook it-clean it-wipe it-dry it-make it-decorate it-wrap it-add it-balance it- pay it-mail it- write it - fix it- hang it-kiss it- put a band aid on it-fold it-wash it-list it-buy it-phone it-sort it-reserve it-take a picture of it" mom to three amazing children and wife to one amazing guy.

And... you can throw in loan it- escrow it- to your list!

Love your mad story telling skills!

Island mama said...

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh sick. Some people have no sense of humor whatsoever. I'm glad you at least had a calculator to comfort you.