Friday, June 13, 2008

Library Books As An Investment

Just for fun the other day I decided to add "The Marvelous Mud Washing Machine" to my list of "Favorites" at (See my sidebar on the right). In the process of adding it to my favorites list I came to find out a few interesting things:
  • This book is out of print
  • The cheapest you can get this book on is $42.41!!
  • The highest price for this book is $96.40 from Barnes & Noble Book Quest
  • Either of these prices is a lot higher than the price on the back of the book ($3.50 - it's a hard back too)
  • Either of these prices is a lot higher than what I paid the library for it ($14)

One last interesting note. Several books available for purchase on Amazon list the book as a "fair ex-library" copy. Now, either we're all losing books or someone is using the "lost" excuse to make an investment.

I've been wrestling with myself all morning trying to decide what to do with this book now. Do I sell it? Do I put it behind museum glass? Do I let Emma draw pictures over the words? Actually, maybe it's time to donate it back to the library and let them be responsible for it. I wonder if they would take it in exchange for cancelling all my late fees . . . . . .


Unknown said...

Hey, looking at this title on they have two listed and the prices for those are $123.55 and $269.23. Perhaps, the investment idea isn't so far fetched! Now I'm intrigued to read it...but I might have to get a museum pass to do it, huh?

Wendi said...

I would try to swap in "lieu of"
the fees you have already paid.
(Why can I not visit your blog w/o thinking of "in lieu of" comments?)
If they don't want to...then keep it.
I would try selling it on Ebay.
Wouldn't that be cool if you spent $14.00 and made like $200.00 on it?
You could buy all kinds of books for that!
Or shoes.
I would buy both.
I am just saying.

Shelby said...

High-larious!! I'd sell it in a heart-beat.