Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Is A Zoo!

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Yup, here we are at the zoo. It started out a cloudy, rainy day but we packed a lunch and headed up to Salt Lake anyway.

"Wow, Wendy, you sure seem prepared for a day at the zoo in the rain though. You all look warm and cozy."

"Yes, that's right we did get all warm and cozy after I bought three of us warm hoodies and sweatshirts at that most economical gift shop they have at the zoo. Thank goodness I bought my annual zoo pass so that I could go to the zoo for FREE during the year!

We did have a great time though!


Mel said...

That was the most expensive "FREE" trip to the zoo! It really was fun~ and Emma sure looked cute in her "economical" hoodie :)

Lisa Anne said...

Just think, all you need to do is add two more trips to the zoo and it will definitely pay for itself. Of course, make sure you bring the hoodies just in case.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Steven had alot of fun with you guys. Thanks for taking him.Love you.

Kim said...

What a fun day and what GREAT pictures! You guys are awesome!

Jaime said...

Love the new zoo garb!