Thursday, April 24, 2008

Battle of The Bulge

Are you aware that the Battle of the Bulge was the last major Nazi Army offensive in World War II? There were over 75,000 Americans maimed, killed or captured in this battle. In the end though, between 80,000 to 100,000 Germans were lost and all ground captured in the offensive was lost as well.

Hmmm. . .something to think about as I start DAY 1 of my own personal Battle of the Bulge. I can't decide who I'm going to be . . . the Americans or the Germans. Am I going to be maimed, killed and captured in the inital phases of my "weight control / life change"? Or will I gain at the beginning, like the Germans ,only to lose even more at the very end of the battle? (Sad, but the German scenario doesn't sound too bad when applied to weight loss)

All I know, is that I might have an actual chance at losing some pounds this time as I'm competing in a neighborhood "Biggest Loser" challenge. Finally something I can wrap my will power around . . . . a CHALLENGE! Plus, I have to weigh in with someone every week and had to fork over some cash (additional motivation for sure!)

It all sounds well and good until I think of myself being in Las Vegas this weekend for my brother-in-law's wedding. All that gorgeous food at the buffet! Makes me feel like this lady:

Three cheers to losing 10% of my body weight - and not having to wedge my butt in my pants! I'll be sad to see the boobs go, I've become fond of my "D" cup.


kellieanne said...

I've put on some weight and all it did was go to my butt and belly. How can I coerce it into settling around my bust? I'm sure I will look like a weebelo when all is said and done unless I figure out how to evenly disperse the extra padding. I don't need a "D" cup, just a solid "B" will do. Advice?

mel said...

This video clip is hilarious...If only most of us had the dedication to slap away the food and let our stomachs just be mad! Yeah, good-bye to the boobs--but good luck to becoming the "Biggest Loser"!

Wendy said...

I read an article the other day on how they are using fat from your butt to create cells that they transplant to your face to "plump" it up. They should be able to forward butt fat to our boobs if they can do our faces. I'd just keep the whole thing on the "low-down" if you do it - "butt boobs" is not a cool nickname :-)