Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beauty & The Beast

Whew! The school play is finally over. It was a long haul this time and I am fairly glad to be done. But the whole experience has got me thinking . . .

Before the first evening performance I had to pull aside the prince and ask him to stop kissing his own hand at the end of the play and kiss Beauty's hand. "Oh, I can't!" the prince said. "Why ever not?" I asked. (I like to speak more formally on play nights) "Because I like her!" he said. Then he offered to show me all the hearts in his notebook that had their initials in them. The princes' buddies then confirmed Beauty's crush on him. Ah! The joy of a first crush and during a dramatic musical, no less -- how wonderful.

That experience coupled with some 80's music on the radio threw me back to my first crush (I'm not counting Eric from 3rd grade - although he was adorable with his thick glasses and brilliant mind). My first true love crush happened on a cold New Year's Eve . . . the neighbor boy had sent notes out to all the girls in the neighborhood asking if they would "go" with him. I was so thrilled to get his note (because I didn't know he sent one to everyone!) and I quickly checked the box that said "Yes" and returned the note. And that's how our "romance" began!

During our time together we would write notes to each other (please don't laugh when you learn that I have EVERY note I've ever recieved kept in a rather large box), we would roller skate at Classic Skating together, we even performed in a roadshow and stake musical together. Otherwise we ignored each other because we liked each other. That's how you "know" it's real when you're in 6th grade . . . when you try not to show you like each other but your actions scream otherwise.


Here are couple of photos from the play - Beauty was simply phenomenal as were the Beast and the Prince. All the kids did GREAT!

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kellieanne said...

Seth loved this play so much he went both nights!