Monday, April 21, 2008

Life is Good

While in Flagstaff this past weekend I got to go to a store called "Life Is Good". I have wanted to go to a store like this for a long time. Ever since I saw how the owners of the company started from pratically nothing - I wanted to have a real look at what they make.

If you're not familiar with their stuff - click HERE to get a look.

Well, after looking high and low through their store and trying to keep Emma out of the doggie friendly water dish, the dressing rooms and the breakable mug section -- I came to some quick conclusions. First, I cannot purchase a $25 T-Shirt, it's ethically wrong for me. Second, I don't like dog-friendly stores and Third, why in the heck can I not draw a smiley face and make a bazillion dollars too? So here's some of my attempts:

I can't call this one "Life is Good" since it's a first attempt - So I entitle it "Life is Pretty Good"

Next try was while I was thinking about how to jump out of the car last night after I had been sitting next to Emma for 4 hours in the very back seat of the van. I am carsick still and have a bruise on my leg.

Next . . . this really is not going to make me any money, but after watching a "how to draw Plankton" bit on Nickelodeon Saturday night I just had to try.

I'm sorry, but this morning was rather pleasant and inspired this creation:

Finally, this drawing does absolutely NO justice to my overall weekend but you should all know that the nicest, most thoughtful woman on the planet and her family lives in Flagstaff and it was a true pleasure to step out of my bubble and visit her this weekend!


kimpg3 said...

I'm glad you had a good time at Leslie's. Isn't it beautiful there? I'm jealous you got to see the grand missionary call opening in person. I love your blog today. You should be already be a millionaire just by your drawing talents alone, not to mention your craft talents, mothering talents, friendship talents.....need I go on???

Wendy said...

Kim, you are too nice! By the way, hope you had a Happy Birthday!! And hope your graduation is GREAT! You deserve every happiness

Kim said...

Wendy, we may not all be as nice and kind as Leslie, but we love you just as much :).

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog for the day! Those drawings were great and definitely had me laughing (especially the "vacation" one...) I think they'd sell.
I'm so glad you had a good time with Leslie and survived the car ride!

leesaloo2 said...

Life is Good. What a cute name for a store. I would love to know where that is. It'll give me something to look for next time I am up in the area. As for visiting the most thoughtful nicest person, I gotta say people like that tend to gravitate to the same kind of people. For as long as I've known you, you are one of those people!!

Shelby said...

Wendy, your funny is worth a gajillion bucks to me....!! Seriously, if I were rich, I would sponsor your blog so you could actually make $$$$ off of your talents instead of giving it all away, (since you can't say no...)
and I could just keep reading......for my own selfish entertainment!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you saved these drawings. When does the bidding for the "Life is a Vacation" begin???