Monday, April 14, 2008

Dressing Up

Last week, in the midst of play practices and performances, Emma took some time to do some dressing up for herself.

Here she is as Blues Clues

Here she is as Ethan

And here she is as Darth Vader

Kind of a strange mix of characters to dress up as don't ya think? Which part of all of this explains why she's started calling me "Step Mother"?


mel said...

look at those faces! Never a dull moment--does she have a personality or what?!*

kimpg3 said...

At least Emma has clothes on. Where is a picture of her naked up on the counter top? That would be a great picture to add!!! She is always adorable no matter what.

Wendy said...

The picture of Emma naked has been blown up into an 8X10 and is being saved as a blackmail for when she's a teenager. Should work GREAT!

Tammy said...

She wants to be Cinderella just haven't bought her the costume yet!