Thursday, April 10, 2008

Express Yourself

I thought this might be a fun choice for posts on days when I want to update my blog but don't have the time or brain capacity to make it work. So, here's a topic and everyone who comes by . . .please "Express Yourself" and leave a comment. (See, it looks like I'm writing a blog, but really you all will do the work on these days - just call me Tom Sawyer).

A group of adults robbed a candy store in Ohio recently, they stole $400 worth of candy. One of the 19 year old robbers took along her 7 week old daughter for the heist. They were caught! The police followed the long line of candy wrappers which lead them to the robbers.

QUESTION: If you committed a crime -- what would be the "wrapper" left behind that would lead the police to you?

MY ANSWER: The police would DNA test all the Diet Coke bottles left at the scene of the crime, which I would have guzzled down by the dozen to calm my nerves about committing the crime. The police would then look up my address using my name found on the apology notes I left for the victims and arrest me at home.

Can't wait to see what you all write!


Bryan and Kim said...

I am pretty sure they could find me a number of ways since I am a true klutz with the motto "if anything can go wrong, it will". There are numerous possibilities. Let's start with fingerprints... lol.

melmac0305 said...

hmm…well, if they at first didn't follow the laughter I would be trying to contain (which never really works)--I'm sure they could find me by following the drops of melted ICE CREAM that fell from either a cone, or a bowl... heck-even a carton!

Peggy said...

I think the thing that would get me caught is my hair! I can't believe how many of them I leave everywhere-- even clothes straight out of the dryer hold on to a few. So I think there is no way I could leave a crime scene without leaving one or two... or twenty strings of incriminating dna behind.