Thursday, April 17, 2008


Seems like I just got back from a vacation and here I go on another! We're off for Spring Break to visit my friend Leslie Clark in Flagstaff. Chris should be getting his mission call today when we get there - we are so excited for that! Check Chris' link on the side to see where he goes.

So, yes, we arent' home and if you know where we live you can break in and steal all our stuff. Please start with the dirty dishes, the garbage on the floor, the dust bunnies under my bed and don't forget to steal the left over food in the fridge.


kimpg3 said...

I can't believe you get to be there when Chris gets his mission call. I'm so jealous!!! Glad you finally get to go visit Leslie in Flag. Don't worry, I won't break in your house this weekend...I'm too busy with finals! Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so generous with ALL you have! I've never known anyone to post on the internet an invitation to break in..especially with such ENTICING things :) Well, while I'm contemplating what to steal, have a good time!