Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Traditions

Well, the weekend has come and gone and another wedding has been held. It was a great day for Ryan and Annie and we couldn't be more happy that the two of them are married!

But you know these wedding things always get me thinking --- If I was to be married again (Jeff, I'm just speculating), would I want all the wedding traditions? Or would I jet off to Vegas for a quick, no-nonsense wedding? I think I might actually forgo most of the typical wedding traditions, there was something quite lovely about the drive-thru wedding I witnessed at the Little White Chapel. The way the groom and bride sat astride his motorcycle ready to race off into their new lives together. The constant handing out of tissues to the bride through the drive thru window made me teary too.

But I do like some wedding traditions, for example: the cake (it's first on the list today due to my dieting obsession), having photos taken (just remember to follow the Wedding Do's and Dont's), and honeymooning (there's a good honeymoon story coming some day). Although one wedding tradition, I think I may have missed the boat on a little bit. The Wedding Song

Jeff and I had a small discussion after this weekend about what "Our Song" was. I think we both agreed that it is: Radar Love by Golden Earring. Yup! That romantic favorite that everyone uses for their first dance together. You can listen to it here:

It really is "Our Song" though. It's the song Jeff played on our second date as we jetted down the freeway from the Charlonians Ball to play midnight mini golf. Silly girl of 18 that I was thought the song was "Red Hot Love" not "Radar Love". Ah . . I tried so hard to be mature and cool that night.

To get that song out of your mind, I've included here my mom and dad's song. I think it's pretty cool, although they didn't use it at their wedding (that I know of).

Nice eh? All I know is that if I was ever without Jeff you could find me locked in his 69 Cougar listening to "Our Song." Here's some photos of the wedding in Vegas (Ryan & Annie's, not the drive thru couple).


Lisa Anne said...

Wend- You really know how to travel. I gotta tell you, though, I feel like I am coming into the movie half way through. (Then again, it has been 20 years, right?) Are these friends of yours? Very nice looking family. And as far as loosing wieght, come stand next to me and you will loose 10 lbs right away, I guarantee it!

Wendy said...

Lisa - Ryan is my brother-in-law (Jeff's brother). He's been living with us the past two years following his divorce. Three of the six kids are from his first marriage. Ryan is a great guy and a great dad!! Glad you had fun in Disneyland and made it home safe ~ next time you travel this way we should go to lunch.

mel said...

What a great romantic song you have! ;) I personally think "Red Hot Love" sounds better than "Radar Love" anyway.

I was hoping to see Elvis in some photos but since he couldn't make it, I'm glad these are on here. Ryan and Annie sure look happy!

The Shaws said...

Ryan and Annie look so happy! Congrats to them! And look- a picture of you as well! I love it!