Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girls About To Go Wild

It's that time of year when spring is upon us and General Conference is about to be held. It's the time when the Girls Go Wild. YeeHa!

It's become a sort of tradition for me and my mom to head up to Bear Lake and stay in her neighbors condo for conference weekend. We play cards, we listen to conference, we eat ourselves silly and scrapbook into the wee hours. It's wonderful!

I wanted to post a few fun photos of October's Girls Gone Wild - otherwise, I'll update this blog when I get back. Have a great weekend everyone!

Me & mom with Bear Lake in the background - it's a cold day!

Melanie, Syndi & Stephanie about to give the four wheeler a try

Mom & Kim

I love to splash through puddles when I'm driving my van, I thought I'd try it with the four wheeler. I crashed and tipped the machine over just after this photo was taken. I had COLD water down my pants and up my shirt . . . . .brrrr! But so much FUN!

Melanie, Stephanie & Syndi -- I'll be missing you guys!


Anonymous said...

I think I can speak for all the husbands who will be left keeping the home fires burning, real or symbolic, and say how much we will miss our wives. Just knowing that you trust us to complete our honey-do lists, and with our children for that many hours really speaks to the love you have for us.
Now a brief disclaimer: We probably won't get up if they cry, in fact, we may never hear them. We will use this time to condition them to sleep in their own beds. We may eat commercially prepared fast food with every preservative known to man for every meal. We clearly won't be able to accomplish the tasks assigned because we are easily distracted, and protecting the children- full time. We may take in one conference session but don't expect miracles- take good notes for us. Last but not least, we will be grumpy when you return because we don't sleep well when you are gone and have to find mind numbing shows to put us into a comatose state because YOU being gone has caused a disturbance in The Force. All our love, THE HUSBANDS

Bryan and Kim said...

Wahoo! We leave today! It's time to scrapbook, play some cards, and just enjoy the break from real life!

kellieanne said...