Monday, August 11, 2008

A Break

Dear Friends,

I'm taking a small break from blogging. My dear friend Kim (from: Our Crazy Life) has passed away from a tragic car accident and my heart is broken. I'll be back once I've put myself back together.

Be safe dear friends!



The Turners said...

hi, wendy, you may not remember me, but I am Kim's sister-in-law, Kim. How are you holding up? Thanks for everything you did for her, I know it meant a lot to her.

Kim Turner(Trent's wife)

Wendi said...

I. can. not. imagine.
Put yourself back together.
I am so sorry.

tammy said...

Oh, Wendy--I'm so sorry! To lose a good friend, how heartbreaking! I'm thinking of you and Kim's family. I'll be sending prayers your way. I'm going to go hug my kids right now....

Davis Family said...

We will miss her terribly too. I wish that words could help, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

GrumpyAngel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. May you find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Deb said...

i am a friend of kim's and found your blog while reading - and crying - over her blog tonight. i miss her too.

gab said...

Wow. This is heartbreaking. So sorry.

Lisa said...

I am a friend of Kim and like Deb found your blog through Kim's blog. I can't believe that she is gone. There was no one in the world like Kim. She taught me so much about being generous and giving of yourself.