Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swim Team Wrap Up

I'm back! I know, I know, I've been a slacker blogger the last few days~

But while I was gone I went to the final county meets for the boys. This was, for us, a two day ordeal. Ethan's meet on Friday night lasted 6 hours (Oh.My.Word!) and Josh's meet today lasted 4 hours (much better).

The boys both did GREAT! Here's Ethan swimming his IM ~ the kid shaved 8 seconds off his time . . . . someone's been holding out on me!

This is Josh taking off for one of his strokes. He did awesome on his Freestyle, Butterfly,Medley Relay and Freestyle Relay. Let's not talk about the IM -- for heaven's sake don't mention it!!

And Emma thought this was just fun and games. Here she is getting her hair done by the girls. She was in 7th heaven running around with all the little kids. I'm going to pretend like I knew where she was the WHOLE time . . . .

Final highlight was the big fire on the mountain RIGHT BEHIND us in Payson. There's some mighty cool photos of it ~ wish I would've thought to take some. Click HERE to see them. And I highly recommend Payson Days Salmon Supper ~ DELISH!!

Finally, if Lisa Harris starts lurking on my blog again, I just want to tell ya "THANKS!" I finally have a glimpse into how much time and effort you put into this sport. And I can't tell you enough how much I love that the boys swim and have such a great time at swim team. THANK YOU!!

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Shauna said...

AMEN to the Lisa thanks, sister friend! Your you deserve a similar thank you shout out! Not just anyone can do such a bang up job as Swim Team Mom! Thanks again for sharing the Tiajuana Condos with us today. I had a great tim ejust chatting it up with my friends from "up the hill". I have a disk of photos for you, I'll drop by tomorrow night.
:) Shauna