Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend we got to celebrate a Marshallese Kemem. This kemem (or 1st birthday party) was for Rosie - Emma's half sister. Here Emma is with her birthmom and her half sister, Rosie.

There is always YUMMY potato salad, chicken and rice at these parties. And usually there's Bobo Rice (yummy sweet rice rolled in fresh coconut) -- imagine my disappointment at the Bobo Rice absence. (Thankfully I had just eaten a half pound of See's chocolate on my way to the party to ease the disappointment.)

Part of the festivities is dancing. Here's a group of Marshallese girls from Logan performing:

The part about these parties that always surprises me is how late they start. I'm not always on time, but when you say a party starts at 5:30 and it doesn't get started until 7:30 -- that's just always strange to me. Maybe one day I could be as 'laid back' as the Marshallese and just let things happen when they happen. (HA HA HA - I crack myself up, I'll NEVER be 'laid back'!)

Also, a quick shout out to Lorie this morning. Thanks so much for the chat! And know that I am thinking of you and crossing my fingers that all will go well. Thanks for what you have helped us with -- as I was driving home with Emma Saturday night I felt like the luckiest lady on the planet. Life is hard - but oh, so good!


Nik said...

I remember Emma's! And me climbing on top of a basketball banker to rescue some escaped balloons. Fun times!

Wendi said...

How wonderful are you to keep a relationship with the birth mother!
Emma is a very lucky little girl!
Not to mention adorable!!!

Island mama said...

Some day we are really going to have to chat and trade notes. You have no idea how much I appreciated your kindness! I wish I had your strength, Super Woman!